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Big News! We Do Not Trust Journalists!

July 22, 2013


According to data from Pew Research recently released, we Americans seem to trust journalists less than many other occupations. This should not come as a surprise to anyone. Somewhere along the way, we as a Nation based partly on the principle of freedom of the press, allowed journalists and media outlets to overtly drive their social agendas throughout the news channels. Whether from the right or the left, what is left out is “just the facts ma’am” news code. Perhaps it is merely a reflection of our Nation’s inability to listen, enquire, discuss and debate issues and then as a body of constituents, make a democratic decision. As the ocean’s tides rise and fall, so may the tradition of democracy founded in a country of city-states in ancient Greece. And the fourth estate which was granted special placement in the Bill of Rights to be a sentry of information, has like a thief in the night stolen something precious while we slept.


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