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Big Brother and Big Mother

January 28, 2013



Today’s chart shows the number of Google user data requests filed by the U.S. government.

Google published its latest Transparency Report last week, revealing another increase in user data requests from governments around the world.

U.S. authorities were particularly hungry for Google’s user data, with 39 percent of global requests coming from entities of the U.S. government.

The number of user data requests filed by U.S. authorities has steeply increased over the past three years: In the second half of 2012, Google received more than twice as many requests from U.S. entities as three years ago, when Google started sharing this information with the public.




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  1. Scary concept. As valuable as this data is to businesses wanting to reach out to the right audience, putting it in the hands of the government can only lead to bad results.

    • Agreed. When the entity who answers to no one is in charge and unchecked, it has historically evolved into a tyranny. Even though that was not the intention in the beginning.

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