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First Mover Strategy Reinforced

October 10, 2012


Today’s chart shows the penetration rate of Google+ in selected countries.

In these digital times a first mover strategy is becoming more and more important for capturing market share. Google+ continues to struggle building a significant user base in the United States. According to new data published byGlobalWebIndex, there are 14 million active Google+ users in the U.S. The Sheth Model predicts there is room for 3 mass market participants and room for numerous niche players. If you aren’t one of the top three, understand your niche and play it well. If you are number 3 look out for the “ditch.” 

With a penetration rate of only 6 percent, Google+ remains far behind its competitors Twitter and most importantly Facebook, which has a penetration rate way beyond 50 percent of U.S. Internet users.

In other developed economies Google+ faces the same difficulties: With penetration rates of 4, 5 and 7 percent in Germany, Japan and the United Kingdom respectively, Google+ remains a niche service in these countries.

On a positive note, Google appears to be making headway in emerging economies. Google+ is used by at least 25 percent of Internet users in all four BRIC nations; India standing out with a penetration rate of 38 percent.         




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