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Ba-Zynga Part Deux

October 9, 2012


We have charted Zynga’s stock performance since the company’s IPO in December 2011.

Last Thursday, Zynga pre-announced its third quarter earnings and they didn’t look pretty. Not only did the company miss expectations across the board, but its business appears to have stopped growing altogether.

Predictably the news resulted in another drop of Zynga’s stock price after a year that can only be described as turbulent for the young public company. On October 8, Zynga’s stock closed at $2.43, down 76 percent from its IPO price and more 83 percent from its all-time high ($14.69, March 2, 2012). At its current valuation, some analysts are seeing Zynga as a potential target for takeover and the pressure on CEO Mark Pincus is starting to mount.

We can see the adorable logo of Zynga, hanging his head from the window of the Webvan, tongue wagging…. 



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