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The Fourth Estate May Need a Will

September 7, 2012

Today’s chart shows second quarter advertising revenues of American newspaper since 2003.

The Newspaper Association of America published its quarterly advertising report this week and the results are not good. Whoever hoped that Newspaper advertising had already hit rock bottom was disappointed. In the second quarter, advertising revenues of American newspapers declined another 6 percent to $5.7 billion. Since the second quarter of 2003 print ad revenues have declined by more than $6 billion, a loss that the $500 million raise in online ads is nowhere near covering. Accounting for inflation, the past quarter marks a 30-year low in newspaper advertising.

It is the ads sold pay for the newspaper journalists. With less ad revenue, there will be less resources for the traditional journalist. The impact of these changes is only beginning. At the same time, even LA Studios are feeling the impact of the disintermediation of media. Recently Jay Leno took a huge pay cut to save jobs on his staff.



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