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Interest in Pinterest?

August 27, 2012

Earlier this year, Pinterest was ubiquitous. Hardly a day went by without someone writing a new story about rise of the popular photo sharing network. Now that the smoke has cleared and everybody has sobered up, it’s time to take a look at what happened to Pinterest: is it here to stay or was it just another “next big thing”?

Last week the Creative Group shared some results of a survey conducted among U.S. marketing executives. Only 7 percent of the respondents stated that their company is currently utilizing Pinterest, while 44 percent expressed no interest in using the service as a marketing tool. 18 percent even claimed to never have heard of Pinterest (although one must wonder where these people have been in the past year).

All in all the survey’s results show that, its large user base notwithstanding, Pinterest still has a long way to go if it wants to come close to Facebook’s and Twitter’s status as a must-have marketing tool for companies.



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