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The day the music died.

August 20, 2012

Today’s chart shows the estimated annual change in global music revenues, broken down by type.

M E Porter put forth the Five Competitive Forces framework a few decades ago. At the time Mr. Porter introduced the now famous framework a stylus was a needle at the end of the arm or a record player. Today, in this hyper-competitive and frantically paced time, the competition for industry profits continues. The music industry has been no exception. Today a stylus is a pen used on our iPads to write notes and create. 

Despite continuing growth of digital music sales, recorded music sales are expected to decline overall in 2012. Market research firm Strategy Analytics expects digital sales to grow 17.8 percent to $8.6 billion while physical sales are expected to decline 12.1 percent to offset any digital gains. The bottom line is an expected net decline of $0.6 billion in 2012. Now accounting for almost 40 percent of the industry’s revenues, digital music spending is expected to surpass physical sales on a global scale in 2015. Overall, Strategy Analytics expects the music market to stabilize in the next few years. That is unless a new trend comes around to upset the status quo.






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