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If you had just one wish…?

August 17, 2012

There is a story of two business leaders who were fierce competitors. They came upon a bottle washed up on a beach. During the struggle, the bottle opens and a genie appears. Sensing the competitive spirit among these two he offers to grant each just one wish. One wishes for the largest market share over his competitors. The other wishes for the highest profitability in the industry. How does this story finish? Let’s watch Apple and Samsung and see.

Apple and Samsung are currently battling it out on all grounds. Smartphones, tablets, laptops and ultrabooks: it’s hard to find a product category in which Apple and Samsung aren’t key competitors. Moreover, both companies are currently entangled in one of the largest and most public patent trials in recent history. Apple is claiming that Samsung copied the design and functionality of Apple’s iPhone and iPad and demands $2.5 billion in damages.



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