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What is your initial reaction when sales begin to come up short?

August 12, 2012

When sales lag and come up short of goals is your most common reaction to a) look for a new marketing lead b) look for a new sales manager c) look for new sales people d) all the above, or e) look for a new sales process?

Experience working with sales and marketing companies and business segments yields the overwhelming observation there is no well defined sales process or one which would benefit from improvements. I had a conversation just like this with a client frustrated with stagnating sales, rising costs and eroding margins. His initial reaction was to replace the entire team and start over with new talent.

Like most businesses this one had processes and procedures everywhere. They measured and tracked most of these to find opportunities for improvement. Sales and marketing, it was decided for expediency, should use revenues as the key metric. And so a slavish devotion to sales was borne. And all the sins, and all the glories were hidden beneath the sea of revenues. Until the tide went out.

We focused on a process where the various parts of the sales process were being measured and reported. Transparency is an important tool. Now the sales process is being managed and results improved. Now the culture of continuous improvement has moved into sales.

Does your business have a sales process with clearly defined steps like the one in the inforgraphic? Are you measuring results? Are you making adjustments to those results to get the results you want?


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