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What else can mobile devices do?

August 8, 2012

Disrupt an adjacent industry! And oh by the way, advertising will be impacted as well!

There are the traditional content providers (Studios in Hollywood), the service providers (cable and satellite), the advertisers (Ad agencies and their clients providing revenues) and of course the viewing public. Traditionally there has been a Maginot Line philosophy in regards to TV for the viewing public. TV’s were hardwired to the service providers connections and were home bound.

The blitzkrieg move is led by the broad band wi-fi and cellular connections allowing the viewing public to be mobile with their mobile devices. What’s more the viewing public also now has time flexibility. The chart below illustrates the average daily time spent watching TV by age groupĀ But the cable providers are not going down without swinging. This past month I wanted to tune in to the British Open on a Sunday morning. With my iPhone and a few minutes establishing my credentials with the cable provider I was able to wirelessly and away from home tune in occasionally to catch the updates on ESPN.

The big question is who will hold control of industry profits? The content providers? The service providers? The ad agencies and their ad clients? A mobile public?

Are you looking at your own industry and fashioning a vision toward the horizon? Are you identifying threats to your industry profits? Or how about identifying the opportunities that are developing?


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