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Gutenburg to Kindle

June 29, 2012

Gutenburg invented the press and revolutionized the world. Since then publishers have been unable to derive any meaningful metrics, or define who the customer is. Until now according to an article in the Wall Street Journal. Amazon, Apple, Google and Barnes and Noble can now track our reading.

Benefits of this collection of data include working with authors to improve the product, and improving the customer experience. Authors may receive feedback from the studies detailing how the product was consumed. How long it took readers to complete the book, how many completed the book, how many highlighted text, and what text was repeatedly highlighted, how many read the forward or introduction; these and many more are questions that can be gleaned from this new ability. For publishers they will be able to analyze the reading habits and provide experiences designed to keep the readers engaged, or recommend other titles the readers may not have found on their own.


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