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Tablet Industry Taking Shape

June 27, 2012


For a long time it seemed like the iPad was the only tablet out there. The results of a recent survey suggest that these times could now be over. According to the poll, conducted by the Online Publishers Association in March 2012, Android has almost closed the gap on iOS in the U.S. tablet market.

Furthermore the results show that the iPad 2 was the most popular tablet in March 2012, followed by Amazon’s Kindle Fire.

Number 1 is Apple. Number 2 is Android. And Number 3 is the ubiquitous Other. These positions are important in terms of predicting strategic behavior. Numbers 1 and 2 will jockey back and forth for leadership positions in various metrics. In one corner we have a closed environment system in Apple. In the other corner is a more open system. One dictates the hardware and controls the access. The other has open hardware architecture. The battle for industry profits will be primarily dictated to success of these two competitors.

Number 3 is typically the one who faces the ‘falling into the ditch’ category. Too big to be a niche player, too small to be a giant in the mass market. They typically seek alliances with third parties, innovate in emerging markets, put themselves into play as an M&A target, out-innovate the top 2, or slip into the ditch.

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