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Impact of eBook trends in Education?

June 13, 2012

The digital disrupter, as we could aptly name this business era, is well known and documented. Is it as well understood? Meaning, are we able to foresee winners and losers in the struggle for industry profits? Here are a couple of items that immediately come to mind.

Will libraries continue to be supported by municipal budgets? Or will strained taxpayers and municipal leaders look upon it as supporting the carriage and candle industry? Will libraries be capable of remaining relevant in the digital disrupter era? How? With constrained budgets will those who have established online presence be able to afford their presence?

What about textbooks? It is well known Texas is the largest school system in the country and consequently the decision by the school board on textbook review sets the agenda for the rest of the nation. In this age and with the capability to distribute digitally, will Texas maintain their dominance? Further, does this open the door for a niche industry to ‘customize’ digital texts for each school board? What will those implications be? Will the Blue States and Red States have vastly different texts? Will the gaps in quality of education continue to widen in the country? What will be the socioeconomic impact of a widening gap in quality of education?

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