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mAd Men!

June 12, 2012

Reviewing the chart above it’s simple to determine who the mad ad men in 2012 are.

One of the most interesting and relevant examples of Porters Five Competitive Forces is playing out in the Newspaper Industry. If anyone doubts the threat of substitution from online alternatives, please review the chart. This compares online advertising, newspaper and TV (excluding cable) advertising revenues over a 8.4 year period. Once newspapers are reduced to the limited scope players, it would be reasonable to expect the next industry to suffer would be the major networks and cable. The continuing increase in alternatives from the digital era will make them not irrelevant, rather significantly less relevant.

The message for SME’s (small and medium sized enterprises) is with the increasing influence and acceptance of online advertising, aligned with your strategy, build a marketing plan to broadcast your message. You do not have to be a global enterprise to have a successful online marketing strategy. I have seen many excited businesses with terrific products and services. The struggle for most is branding and broadcasting. This digital age has flattened or removed the advertising barriers.

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