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T-Mobile Girl Can’t Stop the Bleeding.

May 11, 2012

The Sheth model predicts corporate strategic behavior for niche and mass market players. T-Mobile is at the low end of the mass market line; smaller market share and lower financial results. And yet they are too big to be a niche player. They could very easily end up in the ditch.  Strategically, what are their options? Bulk up? Bulk down? They may have a strategy they are following, but it will require bold and fresh thinking.

This is a great lesson for anyone else leading a business or business unit. Are you tracking results? Results that are metrically significant (metrics correlated to financial results). And, are those results tracking favorably? No matter how small or large the business I am always amazed at how many I encounter who expect big results, yet do not track results and the metrics that lead to them.

In my corporate life (a multi billion dollar Wall Street firm) we were tracked against innumerable metrics. Annual bonuses would be based on each boss’s philosophy about which metrics to use. Guess which ones always mattered the most. The ones least directly correlated to achieving significant cop orate results. And the rest of the story is chronicled in the headlines of 2008 and 2009.

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