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Election Strategy for Voters

February 24, 2012

I have resisted commenting on the political theater, and have found I can no longer resist this post. There is one question not being asked by ANY of the mainstream media, “Beyond the election, who CAN govern?”

The Left has had eight years of what they refer to as divisiveness. The Right is screaming they have had three years of divisiveness. Finally! Both sides are right. We are deeply divided along political lines. When we examine the Presidents we admire the most, there is one common element among all of them, they united the Nation. (Mr. Lincoln really united the Nation).

Who among the five candidates is capable of working with both sides (or the majority) of Congress?

We have to rule out Mr. Obama, he has not been a collaborator in either style or approach.

Among the GOP candidates who, if any, can be elected AND reach across the aisle? These are the two most important questions facing voters this year.

The link is a sketch of a matrix of the GOP candidates using those two factors. This is only intended to be an example and I am not proposing this as THE answer.

GOP Matrix

In this example, the collaborative style of Mr. Gingrich and Paul  are considered lower than the other two candidates. Mr. Gingrich and Mr. Romney are considered more electable by the general populace. In this example, Mr. Romney would be preferred overall.

Keep in mind, I am only interested in this Nation’s voters beginning to think along the lines of “enough of the Reality Show ‘Election 2012’ and let’s get on with governing.”

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